img_5691The Happy Healthy Nonprofit is a Must Read by Marion Conway

This is a book that you will want to read and keep on your bookshelf to refer to over and over again.  It is a resource that all nonprofit leaders and Board leaders should read and take to heart.  It is destined to be a must have book for a long time to come.

Self-Care by Aisha: Book Review

Beth and Aliza are advocating for a culture change in the nonprofit industry. Just as I have, they argue that if our work matters, we have to figure out a way sustain ourselves. Not just ourselves as individuals, but as organizations and as a sector. And at the end of the day, happy healthy employees lead to happy healthy organizations that have an impact. They meet their missions.

Book Review: The Happy Healthy Nonprofit – Vanessa Chase Lockshin

The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit by Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman is a book jam packed with resources and ideas to help non-profit professionals care for themselves.

Book Review by Sarah Durham – Big Duck

Got a boss or board member who drives you to work in unsustainable ways that are making you nuts? Send them a copy of this book. Better yet, read it first, with a highlighter in hand. Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, my friend.

Happy Healthy Nonprofit – A Review – Jew Point O Blog

Beth Kanter’s new book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit, written with co-author Aliza Sherman, is a fantastic resource for leaders and managers in our community to reflect on both their own well-being and to consider how to foster healthier professional environments to help all of us thrive.

Happy Healthy Nonprofit – A Review – See3

What we particularly love about this book is that it gives individuals the tools for their own self-care, without victimizing those who are feeling “less than optimally healthy”.

E-Jewish Philanthropy Review by Lisa Colton

One of the things we love about this book is how Beth and Aliza cite so many practical examples of organizations supporting employee and team health and well being. These real life stories provide inspiration for what you might address at your organization, and a template for your action, too.

Find Your Nonprofit Happy Place Review by Steve MacLaughlin

Kanter and Sherman reinforce the point that there is no merit badge for achieving burnout. People are the mission-critical part of any nonprofit mission. You are no good to the cause if you are not being good to yourself.

[Review] ‘The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact Without Burnout’ by Jane Van Ingen

It should be reassuring to nonprofit leaders and employees that the practices Kanter and Sherman describe in their book not only can be but have been implemented.