Downloadable Printable Assessments & Checklists

These are some of the assessments from the book as downloadable and printable PDFs for your convenience.

The Nonprofit Burnout Assessment

Self-Care Activity Assessment

Self-Care Checklist

Apps Mentioned in the Book

We all need to move from a mindless use of our smartphones and mobile devices to being more in control and mindful. Despite the need to take breaks and unplug from our devices, we can also use technology as instruments of wellbeing. We advocate using tech gadgets and apps such as fitness motivators like Fitbit, nutrition trackers, mindfulness reminders, and even relaxation devices. Here are some that we mentioned in our book plus a few others:

Apps for Habit Change

Apps for Mindfulness and Gratitude

Apps for Movement and Walking

Apps for Nutrition

Apps for Brain Fitness and Focus

Apps for Time and Task Management

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Slides from Jan 14 Webinar for Wild Apricot:

Some research cited in the presentation includes:

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