The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Available for Preorder Now!

We’ve been working on a book over the past year, and it’s finally coming out in October! We hope you can help us with the launch and have a favor to ask…

First, some context: Our book is called The Happy Healthy Nonprofit:  Strategies for Impact without Burnout. Its premise is that nonprofit leaders like you need to practice self-care as part of doing your organization’s mission critical work and to weave wellbeing into the DNA of your nonprofit.

Our book shares why, what, and how your nonprofit can tie passion for personal wellbeing to your passion for your organization’s mission and help your nonprofit sustain impact.  We share tips and stories based on many interviews with nonprofit leaders along with the latest thinking and trends about self-care and wellbeing in the workplace.

Being Happy and Healthy isn’t just something we write about in our book. We try to practice it every day in our work and personal lives, too. Our book is just one part of our combined efforts to transform the culture in the nonprofit sector and start a revolution of culture change within nonprofits for greater wellbeing.

Here’s the favor we ask of you…

‘The Happy Healthy Nonprofit is available for pre­order, and it would mean the world to us if you would help support our book release.

Please pre-order our book today:

You can also sign up for our Happy Healthy Nonprofit E-newsletter to keep up with book news, book tour dates, and tips!

And if you’d like us to schedule an appearance at your nonprofit or event, Contact Us with details. We’ll be hitting the road in January on the East Coast and February on the West Coast.


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